Friday, June 12, 2009

Tournament Painting

So, I've decided to have my entire army painted for the upcoming tournament on the 24th. This is a lot of stuff to paint in two weeks, though I won't actually need some of it until the second and third weeks of the tournament. As my list stands right now, I have to paint 1 light warbeast, 3 lesser warbeasts, 3 solos, 1 unit, and 2 unit attachments, which I don't have yet and thus they are not shown in the picture. The beasts are almost done, so they shouldn't take long. Everything else I don't need until week three, except for 1 shephard, which I need on week 2. As I said, this is a lot of painting, but it will be awesome-sauce when I win the tournament with a fully-painted army.

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