Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Escalation Tournament: Week 1

I didn't plan on playing two games in the first week at all, but we did, since the 350 should only take half an hour or so. Anyway, I won my first game, largely because I was on the board with a big line of forests diagonally across the board. Here's what kappened: I was playing Bryan (Cygnar). We both deployed. First turn: we both advanced toward the middle of the board. Second turn: Bryan peeks Thorn out from behind the forest, uses him as an arc node to hit one of my shredders and not really do anything, I charge Thorn through the forest with one of my shredders and move the rest of my models into the forest. Third turn: he kills the shredder and can't really do anything else because I'm hiding in the forest and shooting him just like an Everblight son-of-a-crapper :) I move my seraph out of the forest to get a shot at Stryker and promptly get counter-charged by Ol' Rowdy. My seraph is a flying bloody pulp now, but Rowdy is in charge range of my carnivean and gets ripped apart (hooray for big draconic monstrocities!). Fourth turn: nothing really kappens. Bryan kills a shredder then feats and I can't do anything, time is called and I win by victory points.

Second game, I faced off against Mike O'donnell (Cryx). We both deployed and he went first. I have a cankerworm nearly in my face that I'm scared to death of.
We both kind of moved up a little, he moved Deneghra and all of his 'jacks over to my left and feated. I then couldn't really do anything and ended up killing the cankerworm and 1 or 2 bile thralls. Next turn, he shoots Lylyth with his pistol wraith, kills my seraph, which was engaging his nightmare, charges Lylyth with said nightmare, and beats her face in.

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Jamie said...

That's rough, but good job on the first game.