Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Escalation Tournament: Week 1

I didn't plan on playing two games in the first week at all, but we did, since the 350 should only take half an hour or so. Anyway, I won my first game, largely because I was on the board with a big line of forests diagonally across the board. Here's what kappened: I was playing Bryan (Cygnar). We both deployed. First turn: we both advanced toward the middle of the board. Second turn: Bryan peeks Thorn out from behind the forest, uses him as an arc node to hit one of my shredders and not really do anything, I charge Thorn through the forest with one of my shredders and move the rest of my models into the forest. Third turn: he kills the shredder and can't really do anything else because I'm hiding in the forest and shooting him just like an Everblight son-of-a-crapper :) I move my seraph out of the forest to get a shot at Stryker and promptly get counter-charged by Ol' Rowdy. My seraph is a flying bloody pulp now, but Rowdy is in charge range of my carnivean and gets ripped apart (hooray for big draconic monstrocities!). Fourth turn: nothing really kappens. Bryan kills a shredder then feats and I can't do anything, time is called and I win by victory points.

Second game, I faced off against Mike O'donnell (Cryx). We both deployed and he went first. I have a cankerworm nearly in my face that I'm scared to death of.
We both kind of moved up a little, he moved Deneghra and all of his 'jacks over to my left and feated. I then couldn't really do anything and ended up killing the cankerworm and 1 or 2 bile thralls. Next turn, he shoots Lylyth with his pistol wraith, kills my seraph, which was engaging his nightmare, charges Lylyth with said nightmare, and beats her face in.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Shepherds are Awesome-Sauce! They're wee little elf women and die easily, like most of my army, but the accelerate beast healing, extend my control area, make my beasts frenzy, and control said frenzying beasts. This is one of my best paint jobs, second only, perhaps, to Vayl. Well, only 2 solos, 1 unit, and 2 UAs to go!


These are my lesser warbeasts. Everblight is awesome-sauce in that it has warbeasts that cost 1/3 the points of other factions' cheapest beasts. These rabid little monsters run about the field eating things, and eating each other if they frenzy. 'Twas Paul who convinced me to paint them different colors. You may have noticed that one is painted like my Typhon. Typhon has a piece of athanc in him, and thus, I think, could (and should) spawn a beast. That would be Awesome-Sauce! It could be our next character beast. All of my tourament beasts are painted


This is one of my light warbeasts, and one of my first models. I've had it for two and a half years, now, and have finally finished painting it. I spent a lot of time simply experimenting of color schemes for the wings. The seraph is a ranged warbeast and very awesome-sauce. I am now one step closer to my goal of a fully-painted tournament army.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Tournament Painting

So, I've decided to have my entire army painted for the upcoming tournament on the 24th. This is a lot of stuff to paint in two weeks, though I won't actually need some of it until the second and third weeks of the tournament. As my list stands right now, I have to paint 1 light warbeast, 3 lesser warbeasts, 3 solos, 1 unit, and 2 unit attachments, which I don't have yet and thus they are not shown in the picture. The beasts are almost done, so they shouldn't take long. Everything else I don't need until week three, except for 1 shephard, which I need on week 2. As I said, this is a lot of painting, but it will be awesome-sauce when I win the tournament with a fully-painted army.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Vlad-My First Commission

I finally painted something for someone. This is Vladamir, Dark Prince of Umbrey, a warcaster for Khador. Painting a Warmachine model was somewhat different, what with the massive power armor and what-not, but, all-in-all, it really wasn't that hard and I did about as good a job as I have on any of my own models. I ended up spending twice what I earned painting this guy on paints to paint him with. That's okay, though. I have a larger paint selection now. With any luck, I'll be able to paint more stuff for people, so having lots of paint is good.

Vladamir, Dark Prince of Awesome Sauce