Thursday, April 1, 2010

Legion of EverSkorne

Hey, I play Skorne now. Just picked up some stuff (32 pts and 2 warlocks) a couple weeks ago. It was just before the mangled metal tournament. I was thinkin', hey, I should play Skorne. I mean, they're desert-dwelling, domineering samurai with battle-elephants and cyclopes (not to be confused with cyclopses, which are fictitious even in fictitious settings). Anyway, how could you go wrong with that. So I picked up a base box, a shaman and a cannoneer and threw them all together into a 25 pt claw and fang army (not to be confused with tooth and claw, which is not fictitious, just horribly inappropriate when used in this game). Then I bought Hexeris a few days later, because he's awesome-sauce. So, if I post some very un-legionlike models and claim them to be mine in the future, don't be alarmed; this is how it should be.

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