Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Shreddin' Willie

Avast! The No Quarter challenge for this issue be to make a model look piraty. So, I bin thinkin' to meself, what little metal fella have I that be in need o' some sea legs, and I thought, why not one o' them wee little dragonspawn what likes to call themselfs shredders? (Note: Everblight and his minions actually call shredders Akriel. Shredder is a term coined by his enemies, referring to the way they shred bodies, dead and living). So I got me one o' these little beasties and took 'im apart.

(Not the actual shredder I used. I had already dissassembled him at the time this picture was taken).

So, first I took 'im apart and cut off one o' 'is wee little legs...

and made for 'im a wooden one. (Not actual wood).

And then I gave the blighter a patch over 'is... well, over where one o' 'is eyes would be if Everblight 'ad seen fit to give 'is little critters a decent set o' peepers.
(More upcoming).


Marie said...

can't wait to see little Willie all assembled and painted up.

TheGreatBlah said...

I wonder who ate his leg? Did he eat his own leg?

Also, seeing as how he doesn't really need an eyepatch... he must just be a pirate loving Shredder. I like him already.