Friday, August 29, 2008

Smurfs and His Men

I finally finished painting something. I actually finished them a couple weeks ago, but haven't uploaded the pictures yet. Anyway, here they are. These ar the Legion of Everblight's Striders from Hordes. They're pretty Awesome-Sauce. They are an extremely good ranged unit, although they are pretty expensive (point wise anyway.) I put these ahead of my advancing army, where they lay waste to enemy units and warbeasts with their devastating rain of arrows. They can't be hit by ranged attacks from more than five inches away, either (which is pretty close.) When they are engaged in melee combat, though, they get slaughtered. Hopefully, by that time, I have some heavies in front to control the battle. And while they aren't nearly as impressive as Marie's figs, they're good enough for my own tastes. The commander's name is Smurfs O'Malley, (he's the one in front with the sword and bow) hence, the name of this post.

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Marie said...

I think they are awsome sauseges!
You should post some pics of your apartment and such.